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Carroll H. Hynson, Jr. is President and Chief Executive Officer of the gaming, advertising, marketing and public relations firm of Image Power, Inc. Hynson spent over fourteen years as Deputy Secretary of the Maryland Lottery. Prior to that he was Director of the marketing Department at BWI Marshall. Before that group Vice President at Provident Hospital in Baltimore. He is the recipient of the 1997 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Anne Arundel County Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. Hynson's energy has continued to be current with productivity in political and marketing campaigns, fund raising, special events and creating radio commercials. His peers have named him "Mr. Creativity."


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"Carroll H. Hynson, Jr. is an inspiring and well-respected member of the Anne Arundel community.His knowledge of business, dedication to the community and generosity to worthy causes is well known throughout the county. Ly. Governor of Maryland praised Mr. Hynson when he served as Chair of the State's Commission on African-American History and Culture. He is an example of "intelligence, activism, leadership and price" stated Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.Carroll, who was born in Annapolis, married and raised his family while working for more than 30 years in radio, television, advertising, marketing and public relations. Being such an involved member of the community, it is easy to understand that retirement would not stop Carroll's involvement. State and local elected officials often consult him for advice. However, it was his commitment to youth that inspired Juanita Cage Lewis and Jill Mayers to nominate Carroll for recognition today. He has continually mentored the younger generation as they struggle to begin their business ventures. His advice and guidance has motivated them to continue their efforts to begin careers.Citizens of a community who have a wealth of knowledge and experience have a civic duty to pass their expertise on to future generations. Carroll H. Hynson, Jr. has met that civic duty and done so with deep concern and love for his fellow man. We look at him today as a true Community Champion!"

-Sandy Spring Bank Community Champion 2006


"Giving is good PR, as Carroll Hynson Jr. ought to know. He is president of Image Power Inc. — as well as head of a charitable foundation. The two-year-old Carroll H. Hynson Foundation celebrates his father, who, Hynson said, “rarely received the accolades he deserved” for storefront generosity to his community. “I know of over 50 homes people would not have had it not been for my father,” Hynson said.The Hynson Foundation has a single purpose: equipping African American churches with defibrillators. “We have a great amount of senior citizens in our larger churches. Because of the high rate of heart trouble and stroke in African Americans, maybe we can save someone’s life,” Hynson told Bay Weekly.The first defibrillators went to Hynson’s home church, Asbury United Methodist in Annapolis."

by Margaret Tearman with Diana Beechener and Sandra Olivetti Martin


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